Yellow really is a happy colour

Hey everyone!

So I have just decided to start a blog and this will be my first post ever so welcome to my world.

Wondering about what could my first post be about, I figured I was going to start with fashion since

  1. it’s gonna be one of the main focuses of my blog, along with beauty
  2. that’s something that I have always been interested in… and I mean *always*!

Fashion it is then! And what better start than a happy post about one of my favourite items of clothing in my wardrobe? Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the yellow jumper!


I’ve been obsessed with yellow for a few years now and when I saw this soft oversized jumper last year at Zara, I just couldn’t resist it (I was reasonable and waited for it to be on sale though!). This is the perfect mix between bulky and warm winter clothing and the bright colours that are usually more summery which makes it a great addition to any dull Parisian winter wardrobe… usually 99% black. I won’t lie though, the main reason I adore this jumper is the fact that it’s basically just a super slouchy and cozy thing to wear but doesn’t look so pyjama-like that I can’t wear it to work.


I usually tend to wear this gigantic piece with more classic things such as black skinny jeans, black booties (generally with chunky heels) and a simple black coat and/or scarf. I do pair it as well with quite a classic makeup look like the one I am wearing on the pictures: black cat eye and bright red lips.


Since I am quite a bright and happy person in general, I do love introducing fun colours into a simple and sober all-black outfit and standing out in the grayness of the city so yeah, yellow is good for me!



Jumper – Zara // Since mine is a year old and has been sold out for a while, I have found a similar one here | Jeans – Asos |Booties – Stradivarius // here are some similar ones | Bag – Sandro // Unfortunately sold out now…

Thanks to my incredible best friend Olivier for the pictures.

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