An ode to blue lipstick

Hey everyone! I’m a bit late on my post this week cause I’m currently crazy busy working on uni stuff and getting applications ready for next year and juggling that with my full-time internship. But moving on, I am actually here with a bit of a longer post all about blue lipstick featuring my little collection and lip swatches!

I can already tell my mom will hate this post, every time I wear a blue lip, she’s just like “you look sick” so… sorry mom! But since blue really is one of my favourite colours ever (I actually went as far as having blue hair for two years… I’ll insert a throwback picture), blue lipstick is just my thing and I would wear it every day if I could but… corporate work world and stuff y’know


I’m gonna start with the one I like less so… let’s get to the lipsticks!

Number 5


So fifth place goes to the Nyx Wicked lippie in the shade Envy. This one looks absolutely stunning in the tube, but my issue with it is that it’s way too creamy. I’m more of a matte kind of gal when it comes to lipsticks and this one is just too slippery which actually makes it pretty patchy on the lips, as you can probably see.


Number 4


This is actually the fist blue lipstick I ever bought. It’s the Colourpop matte X lippie sitx in the shade Climax which is no longer available. I do love the colour of this one, but the issue I have with it is the formula. So the previous one was too creamy, this one is too matte. Damn that girl is never happy! The thing with this lipstick – and I think the whole Matte X Coulourpop line even though this is the only one I’ve tried – is that you can wear it for like an hour and it will look beautiful but, if you do wear it for longer than that, it gets so dry that 1) it kills your lips even worse than a liquid lipstick and 2) it actually starts to flake off and no one really wants that…

So even though I love that deep purply blue colour, I honestly wouldn’t class this as one of my favourites…


Number 3


I usually tend to go for more deep or electric blue colours on my lips, that kind of teal-turquoise shade is usually a bit too green for me. But, my best friend gave me this Kiko velvet passion matte lipstick in the colour 322, and I honestly love it. It’s again a traditional lipstick as oppsed to liquid lipsticks which I usually prefer (especially for this kind of very bright shades) but firstly it’s a matte one that’s pretty long lasting, and it’s actually a pretty comfortable formula that doesn’t totally strip your lips like the CP one.


What I really like to do with this one as well is actually top it off with the Urban Decay Vice special effects top coat in Litter which makes it look so beautiful with all of that multichrome glitter omg


So much GLITTER omg 😍

Number 2


Second place goes to the Nyx Liquid suede in Jet Set. Man I love this one. The colour is pretty awesome, it’s a really deep royal blue with some purple undertones and damn it’s nice! Also the formula is really cool cause it’s matte, rather long lasting but not too drying…. and of course as the name would suggest, it’s a liquid one. The only thing with liquid lipsticks is that they can get tricky to apply which wouldn’t be that annoying with more muted or nude shades but with bright blues like that, well… no one wants blue all over their face. But practice makes perfect and you still make it work.


And now on to the big winner…

Number 1


So my favourite blue lipstick ever is definitely the Kat Von D Everlasting glimmer veil in Reveb. Man I love this. It is such a beautiful shade of electric blue with so much micro glitter in it that it’s blinding. Yes, I am being a tad overdramatic here but omg this is so breathtakingly beautiful! The formula is incredible. A tiny bit drying but nothing massively uncomfortable and so freakin long lasting. The only little issue I have with this one is that it actually stains so you might wanna invest in some *really* good makeup remover or be prepared to have blue-ish lips for a day after wearing this. But all in all, this liquid lipstick is so amazing that I look past that and still wear it, still love it and probably won’t get over it anytime soon.



So I know a lot of these lipstick look like actually the same colour but they’re not (surprised are you?). I have swatched them all side by side on my arm so you can see the difference. From top to bottom you have :

  1. Kiko Velvet passion matte lipstick
  2. Nyx Wicked lippie
  3. Colourpop lippie stix
  4. Nyx Liquid suede
  5. Kat Von D Glimmer veil
  6. bonus: Urban Decay Vice special effects


And as another little bonus, here’s a picture of my full face wearing the Kat Von D lipstick and another huge favourite of mine: the saphyre highlighter from the Kat Von D Alchemist holographic palette cause apparently you never have enough blue on your face and I really love Kat Von D products.


I actually really loved writing this post and I think I’m gonna make colour-focused articles more frequently. How would you like it?

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See you next weekend! 💙

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