Hey ! I am again very late with this weekend’s post because #masters… But anyway, I am back with an outfit post!

This is actually one of my favourite outfits to wear at the moment and the style of it makes me think of dandies because FAB.


So here is the actual outfit

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

For this, I paired a classic boxy white shirt with black skinny jeans which… well this is way too sober for me! I had to add the glittery boots and fab bow tie to take the outfit to a whole new level.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Bow ties are quite a big accessory in my wardrobe since I do really love the kind of androgynous vibe they add to any outfit and button-down shirts are a real staple for me. This particular one is a beautiful dark forest green and black pattern which I think goes perfectly with this outfit.


Of course, the main focus of this outfit are these incredible glittery boots. I spotted them in the Asos winter sale and just couldn’t let them go! I love the kind of western-inspired style they have with the pointed toe and the low heels bur more importantly, can we talk about that glitter? The most interesting thing about this particular pair of shoes in my opinion is the colour which… doesn’t really exist. The glitter on them is a mix of deep green, electric blue, a bit of pink and a bit of red, which makes their actual colour impossible to pinpoint and makes it change depending on the angle you look at them from and the light that hits them. Literally every single time I’ve worn these boots, I’ve gotten compliments on them.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Another piece I really like in this outfit is the coat I added to it. I got that green velvet puffer jacket from Boohoo last winter and honestly haven’t stopped wearing it since then. I initially wasn’t sure whether I would wear it a lot because of its colour, but the dark green actually goes with so much in my wardrobe that it has come in very handy on many occasions.

As a whole, I think this outfit is pretty awesome both in terms of looking good and being practical and comfortable. It’s also quite basic but with the glitter boots twist which I think makes it a kind of universally flattering outfit.



Jeans – Asos | Shirt – Monki | Bow tie – Edji // Can’t find it on their website but here‘s a close dupe | Boots – Asos | Coat – Boohoo // Sold out now, here‘s is a close one even though it is longer | Hat – H&M

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See you next weekend!

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